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StreamPro G1 UHD 4K EMU & Android 5G 2GB | 8GB Storage IPTV OTT Set Top Box

€79.99 (Exc. VAT)

2021 StreamPro Generation1 The Next-Generation Digital Media Streaming Player
Get streaming your favourite shows and media with StreamPro Generation 1. A stunning Ultra HD 4K experience, StreamPro comes offers 2GB Ram, 8GB Memory, Android 7.1, and Dual-Band Wi-Fi 5G.
The StreamPro G1 is powered by Android and features a customised UI and Launcher for a better streaming experience. StreamPro EMU application is a video player for content from your IPTV/OTT/VOD providers that use Opensource Middleware’s. Other Emulators are designed for mobile devices while StreamPro EMU is TV-friendly and designed for TV use.

Customer and Resellers can remote access the StreamPro to offer additional support wherever they are! See details below.​

StreamPro G1 Features:

  • 2GB DDR3 RAM

  • 8GB Internal Memory (plus expandable by Micro SD card)

  • 2x2 Internal Wi-Fi Antennas for optimised network gain

  • Android OS 7.1.2

  • Amlogic S905W

  • Thermal Reduction Metal Base

  • OTA Updates

  • Android 7.1 64bit OS

  • 2GB RAM

  • 8GB Internal Memory

  • Optical Output

  • HDMI

  • Dual-Band 5G Wi-Fi

  • TV Learning Remote Control

  • Bluetooth

  • Buzztv Global Power Supply USB Adapter with integrated Flip up design for USA/Canada 2 Pin and includes UK and Euro interchangeable attachments.

VsonicHD Entertainment Centre are the Exclusive Distributor for SteamPro.

Contact Us for Trade/Reseller Deals.   

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